One piece 989. One Piece: Chapter 989

" provides evidence for his claims by showing a picture of kicking him out, with baby and in the background If you are one of them then please close this article and wait for the official chapter to get released
" Meanwhile, Luffy and Yamato are heading to the roof of Onigamisha's palace to catch up to Kin'enom and the rest of the Red Scabbards as they fight Kaido Do not leak spoilers outside of the thread for chapter spoilers

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The story follows the adventures of Monkey D.

One Piece: Chapter 989 Proves Why the Straw Hats Work So Well
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One Piece 989: Is This Kaido's Real Ability?
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How will he be finally defeated? Franky prepares to fire a Radical Beam at Big Mom, but is then distracted by three rampaging behind him Meanwhile prevents and from going after Kaido
Even worse, King reappears with some flying Gifters by his side Meanwhile, Luffy has made it up to the Performance Stage where is and prepares to pull himself up to the dome roof


It seems she remembers Brook from when they fought each in Whole Cake Island, even remarking on Franky having a strange body as well.

One Piece: Chapter 989
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One Piece: Chapter 989 Proves Why the Straw Hats Work So Well
So guys what do you think of this theory? The spoilers will be shared here once the raw scans has been translated
One Piece, Chapter 989
Queen spits out the two pirates down to the ground far below