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Sets the feedback that should be displayed for the respondent's submitted answer Integer Gets the video's width in pixels
Sets the item's help text sometimes called description text for layout items like , , and Returns an instance of a CheckboxValidationBuilder which can be used to set validation on a

Form Publisher

Check the Shuffle question order box and click Save.

Forms Service
Integer Gets the index of the item among all the items in the form
Send your form to people
Returns an instance of a QuizFeedbackBuilder which can be used to set feedback on a gradeable
10 Advanced Google Forms Tips and Tricks
Even tried making a completely new form, same experience
Boolean Determines whether the form displays a link to submit another response after a respondent completes the form Form Publisher mass generates documents from your Google Sheet data and stores them in Google Drive
But you may not have realized that you can take your forms to the next level with the right add-ons Methods Method Return type Brief description Creates a new for this scale item

Forms Service


Google Forms training and help
Most likely, this form will be opened in spreadsheet view
Creating a Form
Sets the data validation for this text item
Forms Service
Once you choose the data source, just pick the specific sheet and column from your spreadsheet for the question