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Previous: Been Issa w Halla In the early 7th century, the Christian governor of Ma'an, Farwa ibn Amr al-Judhami, converted to and sent a wide array of presents including a white mule and gold
Its principal trade partner was the coastal city of in southern , from where supplies were brought to Ma'an for resale to pilgrims You can install our browser applet that lets you rewordify most web pages in one click on

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Zilberdik, Nan Jacques 30 June 2013
The city is an important transport hub situated on the ancient and also on the modern The gender makeup was 54
Reliability [ ] An Israeli NGO, , criticizes Ma'an for regularly re-publishing "non-verifiable or inaccurate claims" from partisan NGOs and for, "subjective, biased reporting Chart your progress and have fun



Ma'an's culture was highly influenced by its role on the Hajj route and unlike many other desert towns, most of its residents were literate and many served as or religious advisers for the tribes in the area
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