New York based content creator and global tastemaker, Anaa Saber, brings the cool by adding her signature eclectic twist to the season’s key players

Photography Frankie Marin • Words Anaa Saber • As told to Shannon-Paris Cross

Anna wears: Blazer by 16Arlington. Trousers by 16Arlington. Earrings by 16Arlington.

Dubai, South Africa, Copenhagen; going by Instagram, you’d be hard-pushed to figure out where globetrotting content creator Anaa Saber actually resides. And it’s no surprise her feet rarely touch the ground, with a strong sense of self and truly signature personal style, she oozes authenticity – which, today, is not always so easy to come by. The MOD caught up with Anaa in New York, where she put her spin to some of the season’s standout pieces and in her own words, shares where that innate originality comes from…

Top by Proenza Schouler. Trousers by IRO. Earrings by Mercedes Salazar. Shoes; Anaa’s own.

“Growing up in a relatively traditional household, most of the clothing I wore had to fit modest criteria. But at that time there wasn’t a worldwide market for modesty, not like there is now. So dressing was difficult especially in the 90s when it was peak ‘skin-is-in.’ There were no movements for inclusivity, and oftentimes I had to compromise style for appropriate clothing. It was at that period in my life I started looking in places most people hadn’t and discovered the salve of streetwear. For me, streetwear was the gateway to trendy clothing that held up to family standards.”

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Top by Proenza Schouler. Trousers by IRO. Earrings by Mercedes Salazar. Shoes; Anaa’s own.

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Coat by Sies Marjan. Top by JW Anderson. Skirt by Sies Marjan. Necklace by Vanda Jacintho. Boots; Anaa’s own.

For me, modesty has always been a mindset. It’s about action, the way you carry yourself. Modesty is a way of life, that teaches you to be respectful, to be humble, to treat others and yourself with kindness and compassion.

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Jacket by Maggie Marilyn. Belt by Rachel Comey. Trousers by Haider Ackermann.

“Fashion is one of the most empowering things in my life. It’s a fundamental part of my every day, my career. It’s a lens through which I can view the world in myriad offbeat ways that stimulate and fascinate me. Fashion has become a vehicle of storytelling and conversation for me. What we wear almost always has a story or purpose. I use fashion as a means to start conversations, as a way to understand and connect with new cultures during my travels, and as the central practice through which I access my creativity on a daily basis.”

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“I watched a lot of Bollywood films growing up, and when I say a lot —  I truly mean that. After school, in between meals, with my cousins… basically all the time. It wasn’t really one person, but a plethora of actresses and actors that I was inspired by and the styling behind them. In my opinion, the 90s Bollywood was one of the most iconic points in fashion history. From set design, costume, wardrobe, and of course the choreography, I was entranced. It truly still has an impact on the way I put things together to this day.”

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Dress by Nanushka. Leggings by Richard Quinn. Earrings by MSGM.

Dress by Nanushka. Leggings by Richard Quinn. Earrings by MSGM.

“My style is something I try not to define since it’s always evolving. But if I had to describe it I would say it’s a cross between luxury-meets-vintage-meets-streetwear. These three affinities of mine make up the dressing recipe to my blog, Our Second Skin.

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Coat by Sies Marjan. Top by JW Anderson. Skirt by Sies Marjan. Necklace by Vanda Jacintho. Boots; Anaa’s own.

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“Modesty is something that was instilled into me at a very young age. But not just in regards to dressing conservatively. For me, modesty has always been a mindset. It’s about action, the way you carry yourself. Modesty is a way of life, that teaches you to be respectful, to be humble, to treat others and yourself with kindness and compassion.”

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Blazer by 16Arlington. Trousers by 16Arlington. Earrings by 16Arlington.

Blazer by 16Arlington.  Earrings by 16Arlington.

“Each look on this shoot today played with a different textural element, like fringe, or velvet stockings, or XL earrings. I wanted the styling to show the playful side of my style. I always stress how important accessories are because they can completely change your look or add that perfect touch that pulls everything together.”

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