Dubai-based content creator Aagam shakes things up for the new season

Photography  Emilia Valerio • Fashion Editor  Shannon-Paris Cross

Dress by Ellery. Earrings by Paco Rabanne.

“We do everything.” Aagam Kaur nonchalantly shrugs. “The reason we’re shaking things up is because my generation is blessed with a platform.”And shaking it up, she certainly is. From the acrobatic poses to meticulously put-together outfits, this young content creator marches to the beat of her own drum. She explains, “the current wave of late Millennials & Gen Z’ers come with multipurpose personalities.” This effortless dexterity Aagam and her peers exude has for sure, left the Middle East shook. This striking group of young innovators are taking Dubai’s creative-scene by storm, and there’s no telling what they might do next. Today, The MOD captures Aagam’s multifaceted creative spirit through some of Fall/Winter’s most show-stopping ensembles. Here’s how it turned out…

Skirt by Ganni. Top by Marques’ Almeida. Cardigan by Marques’ Almeida.

Top by Richard Quinn. Blazer by Mugler.

The foundation of style or fashion here isn’t just from Dubai, everyone’s style is developed through global sources of inspiration. Other cities are used as moods, but people don’t belong to a certain culture or subculture like you’d see in big cities like London. People do what they want here.

Trousers by Racil. Top by Paco Rabanne. Blazer by Racil.

Dress by Ellery. Coat by A.L.C. Earrings by Paco Rabanne.

Growing up I’ve always been a quick-fixer, a DIY-er and had solutions to all sorts of challenges. Not only in terms of fashion or design, but in general, which in turn makes my brain generate ideas creatively, and fast.

In my language there’s a word for it – ‘jugaad’. I always manage to have a jugaad in every situation.

Coat by Simone Rocha. Clips by Simone Rocha.

Top by Mugler.

Hair & Make-Up Ania Poniatowska

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