Over-Fifties Shades of Dressing

Did we just FaceApp our wardrobes? From bougie to biddy, retiree-chic is having a (senior) moment. 


Words Sally Matthews • Artwork Nour Algharabally

Granny-chic has always been my style MO –  from silk shirted Florida retirement home lewks to bougie Bunny MacDougal vibes, there’s just something about dressing for drinking from porcelain teacups that’s my jam (on scones and raspberry flavour to be specific). And it seems it’s not just me having something of a Benjamin Button moment right now, with wild nights being replaced by the JOMO life and Copenhagen fashion week proving that the sensible sandal (typically favoured by the over-65 age bracket) is here to stay. And whilst we furiously sheet mask, it also seems we also can’t resist a peek into the future via the FaceApp which took over our Insta-feeds a few weeks ago – which, when married with our fashion preferences right now, paints a pretty realistic picture.


Now to be clear, we are not talking about the J-Lo types who seem to be drinking from the elixir of youth with abs of steel and 50th birthday parties in “da club”. No, this is the kind of fashion styling previously reserved for enjoying the garden, rambling, or a spot of cake and cards with friends. Waistlines are elasticated, colour palettes muted and shoes are 50 shades of Teva – the result? Scandi-cool personified. Take that up a notch and you have the likes of Alessandra Rich and Emilia Wickstead’s floral modest dresses, Mark Cross’ box bags, and chintzy jewellery all perfectfully suited to elegant elevenes.>

From left: Erdem, Baum und Pferdgarten, Emilia Wickstead

From left: Emilia Wickstead, Baum und Pferdgarten, Joseph

So why does retirement chic feel so right? Perhaps it’s the wisdom that comes from getting older that’s so appealing? Having taken ownership for who you are and what suits you. Or the comfort factor? Today, women need their wardrobes to work for them with blended work and social lives. Add travelling more than ever to that mix and it’s clear we need hybrid looks to match. Whatever the reason, it seems fashion is having a senior moment right now. So grab your visor and tea dress and rock your eternal #hotgirlsummer.

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