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The Original Rule Breaker

We take a New York moment with Linda Rodin
to discover her secrets of enduring style

Photography by Amanda Pratt • Fashion direction by Sally Matthews • Words by Elle Timms

Linda wears: Shirt; Linda’s own. Jacket by Frame. Skirt by Emilia Wickstead. Shoes; Linda’s own. Sunglasses; Linda’s own.

Ultimate fashion and beauty industry insider, stylist, boutique owner and beauty mogul, Linda Rodin – most often seen with her just as stylish seven-year-old poodle, Winks – is known for her effortless sense of style which has been honed into her signature perfection over the years. To put it mildly, she’s fabulous.

With an Instagram feed of 200k followers and counting (@lindaandwinks), Linda shares a refreshingly open and honest window into her life. Advice like, ‘A good bath every day is key,’ (a shot of her own bathroom, captioned with the bathtub emoji x3) sits with a video about why ‘SLEEP is one of the most important aspects of life’, alongside vintage shots of her beloved mother, aunt, sister and niece, plus her vast collection of Manhattan apartment plants. Not forgetting walks with Winks, his owner sporting Ellery’s signature flares (poodle emoji sign-off, x3).

Not only are the aesthetics that run through her day-to-day life more than a little visually pleasing, she somehow manages to transform simple facts and fashion pieces into the classy, eclectic side of eccentric.

There’s a good evolution happening, fashion can sometimes become far too exclusive and that’s hard to live with

Dress by Solace London. Sunglasses by Ellery.

Top by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Jeans by RE/DONE. Sunglasses by Rejina Pyo.

It was the knack for sharing that famously turned Linda’s production of a bespoke face oil started in her kitchen – blending Jojoba, apricot, neroli, jasmine and more – into the RODIN Olio Lusso beauty brand. “I would mix up various oils for my own dry skin, like a salad dressing, and I would give them as gifts. The rest is history…” She says of her namesake label, acquired in 2014 by Estée Lauder and of which she has just resigned as creative director, to pursue (no doubt beautifully scented) pastures new.

The MOD sits down with Linda in New York to discuss how staying true to a sense of your own style results in an enduring, truly unique type of chic, fresh starts at 70-years-old and the comfort, and authenticity, of dressing modestly.

“It’s very fresh, it’s only been about two weeks or so [since leaving RODIN]. Whatever comes next will not be in the arena of beauty. I’m excited though… Maybe I’ll do something totally different – I need to be something I feel qualified in and passionate about it. I need to really love something, or I just don’t do it.”

“I’ve ‘done’ fashion longer – for around 40 years versus 10 in beauty, so I feel that I know it much better. My beauty story I think is quite a common one, I couldn’t find what I wanted so I made it myself. I’ve never made any claims to make ‘anti-ageing’ products. It was just natural, and I developed it because it was what I liked and made me feel good. I can’t claim to have any part in the anti-ageing movement, I’ve never had a facelift or any of that.”

“It’s hard getting old but I’m not fighting it either. I don’t like the airbrushing in magazines. The rise of diversity now in the industry – the representation of different shapes, colour, age, is great. Beauty comes in all forms, and why not! We shouldn’t have to always look at the typical skinny young ‘beautiful’ girls. There’s a good evolution happening, fashion can sometimes become far too exclusive and that’s hard to live with.”

“I have been very lucky in showing off my own style choices because I’ve always had pretty much the same silhouette. That’s luck and genetics – I’m not athletic, as far as gym and all that goes. I mean, I move a lot – I never stop moving all day. I’ve worn denim and jeans since I was five years old. I’ve always gravitated towards denim. My sister and I always wore jeans and then it became a ‘revolution’, I mean, who knew? Now everyone’s on the denim wagon. I’ve been on that juggernaut for 65 years.”

“I know I’m lucky to be a 70-year-old woman in Levi’s, and still able to wear them, I mean I have a lot of friends who wouldn’t be caught dead in jeans and only wear skirts or pants. But it’s about being true to what you like, and what you look good in, that’s the balance. My style is simple, I’ve always liked dressing in such a way and I don’t like to ever wear tight or revealing clothes. That’s a comfort thing – I’m not one to wear anything that shows off the figure.”

Shirt by Teija. Trousers by Ellery. Sunglasses by Thierry Lasry. Shoes; Linda’s own.


For me, modesty is being comfortable and authentic, it’s how I feel comfortable – chic, simple and elegant


Dress by Solace London. Sunglasses by Ellery.

“Everything I wear is appropriate to me. Not necessarily age appropriate… Whatever that is. I think I always look the same, I don’t stray. I have never done anything because it’s a ‘movement’ or for a particular purpose. It’s really just about feeling comfortable. I’m not flashy. I wore denim shorts in the 70s, but that was probably the last time! I think it’s more interesting to wear less revealing clothes, that’s just my personal preference.

“Of course, I’ve liked new trends over time, but if they haven’t suited me I don’t touch them. In the 60’s I always looked up to Twiggy. The eyelashes, the tights and flat shoes! The whole ‘mod’ thing I just adored. I always loved British fashion. It was different then I don’t feel like fashion was such a ‘frantic’ thing. I don’t remember trends, things seemed to last longer. Now you might buy something and it’s already over in three months. Now things are better because there’s less pressure to actually look like Twiggy, women are being accepted in a different way.

“I still find it kind of surprising that people call me a style icon! I’ve just always dressed this way, I’m in the same stuff now that I was in 30 years ago. The most inspirational women in my life have been my mother, grandmother and aunt. I mean we all love Audrey Hepburn but that’s unattainable. My mother was always very quirky, artistic and stylish, so I would say my style inspiration started at home.”

“For me is being comfortable and authentic, it’s how I feel comfortable – chic, simple and elegant.”


Dress by Marni. Sunglasses; Linda’s own.

Cardigan by Christopher Kane coming soon. Top by Rejina Pyo. Leather jeans by Frame. Shoes; Linda’s own. Sunglasses; Linda’s own.


Make-up + manicure Ellen Guhin
Hair Felix Fischer
Fashion Assistant Sinéad Lawlor 
Photo Assistants Fidel Garcia-Reichman, Dylan Johnson, Erin Foster 
Production Nina Ross

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