Modern Glamour With Fajer Fahad

A masterclass in cool-girl opulence

Photography Ina Lekiewicz • Styling Tona Stell • Words Elle Timms

Fajer wears: Dress by Haider Ackermann. Earrings by Simone Rocha.

“Do you remember when it started? Have you always been like this?” The telephone line goes quiet. Silence for a solid three, maybe four, seconds. “Always.” Fajer Fahad states, deadpan. Her early fascination in fashion and beauty grew to ‘ob-session’, she says, and “the glam aspect of life” has always been there. “Red nails, at five years old. There are pictures of me then with little outfits and the right accessories.” We may be laughing together, but to assume her girl wonder, now developed into specific business expertise, is lighthearted superficiality would be naïve.

A regular fixture within the pages of platforms like Into The Gloss, and Violet Grey – where she holds the position of beauty director and contributing editor, plus Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and luxe accessory lifestyle brand Chaos for which she is global correspondent, Fajer is a Middle Eastern insider. A networking brand adviser that can legitimately be described as ‘jet set’. Pat McGrath and Jen Atkin are close friends, and she socialises on the regular with practically every Kardashian/Jenner. The young Kuwaiti is based between Paris, where her career started with Azzedine Alaïa at just 24-years-old, and Dubai, where she resides mostly now. Occasionally she’ll be in Beverly Hills – the location from which she’s calling today and The MOD’s cover shoot. Guys, this girl knows fabulous.

Blazer by LAYEUR. Bodysuit by Wolford. Trousers by LAYEUR.

Fashion and beauty are ways to alter the way in which we feel. How we look at ourselves. Ultimately, it’s about self-worth

We question the criteria she sticks to when selecting brands to collaborate with. How does she choose which projects to pursue? Her edit is varied and niche at once. “The right opportunities have always presented themselves to me, rather than me seeking them out, as such.” Fajer explains. Mr Alaïa happened to be present in his boutique the same time she was browsing, and it set her on track to become his PR and communications lead in Paris. Meeting Cassandra Grey, founder of beauty commerce and content site and Melrose Place store, Violet Grey, echoes the scenario – both were grabbing a coffee in L.A. when the beauty industry stars aligned. “I always like to think that I put the right people together in the right place. I always know the right fit, and my strongest connections are in the Middle East.” Acting as a gateway of sorts for luxury names to connect with the Middle East’s most elite circles, she speaks animatedly about how prioritising relationships between women that want to know more, and “tapping into consumer mindsets.” She supports brands to achieve their, “one, two, maybe even five-year plans.”.

While heritage naturally plays a part in Fajer’s regional network, her feelings towards the women of the region are authentic and passionate. “It’s an untapped market, they are so very studious, so intelligent when it comes to following trends in fashion and beauty. Their grooming and glamour is impeccable. I took a friend from L.A. to a wedding in Doha recently, she said it rivalled the Oscars red carpet.”

For Fajer, curating style and beauty of the best quality provides a vehicle for women to feel something personal. “They are ways to alter the way in which we look at ourselves.” Ultimately, it’s about self-worth. Modesty is part of this, she says, and in two words, equates it to ‘utter glamour’.

“Modesty is actually so sensual. When you dress in that specific way, people are more drawn to you it’s like an aura. Every piece in this shoot I felt so beautiful in. That Giambattista Valli, I wanted to wear it all day I could have done my grocery shopping in that!”

The modest aesthetic needn’t be reserved solely for the Middle East either. “I think 75% of my friends all over the world would love to dress like this. You actually have to think less about your look when you choose to cover up. There’s a comfort level to that that makes you feel more alive, you aren’t restricted, you feel elegant, you feel comfortable, and that makes women shine, it’s adding allure, not taking anything away. To cater to that is necessary and kind of genius.”

In her own more day-to-day style choices, the rules are simple. “I like to think I am laid back, in a way,” she laughs. The aim is a commitment to chic, but never trying too hard.  “I look up to women who transcend time, the ones that are ‘trendless’.” Fajer shares, in the same breath telling us how the blanket like, mass appeal of Instagram will ultimately kill fashion one day, but it’s useful for scouring inspiration in the meantime. Good news for her 130k+ followers.

We have to agree, yet still enjoy hearing how she also looks to posts of the understated 90’s style worn by Mary-Kate and Ashley, Caroline Bessette Kennedy, and Sarah Jessica Parker of the time for tips.

It seems a true fashion moment, be it punctuated by those childhood dream red nails, effortlessly high octane gowns, or low-key simplicity, is captured by balancing pared back sophistication with a healthy dose of good taste. From our perspective Fajer Fahad has all of the above firmly on point.

Dress by Giambattista Valli. Earrings by Alberta Ferretti.


Dress by Petar Petrov. Turban by Missoni.

Modesty is actually so sensual. When you dress in that specific way, people are more drawn to you it’s like an aura. You feel elegant, you feel comfortable, and that makes women shine, it’s adding allure, not taking anything away

Video by Pascal Emmeran

Dress by Petar Petrov.

Dress by Ganni.


Blazer by Haider Ackermann. Body by Wolford.

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