Meet Rawdah Mohammed, the Somali-Norwegian tastemaker schooling the rest in modest dressing,  and redefining what the fashion industry deems street-style worthy

Photography Ignat Wiig • Words Rawdah • As told to Shannon-Paris Cross

Dressing from the hijab-down in feathers, chainmail and directional eyewear, Rawdah’s fashion-imitating-art style has caught the lens of many a fashion week photographer. It’s this, paired with her unapologetic approach to social media and refreshing self confidence that makes Rawdah a personality to watch, and her star is rising. An ability to honour tradition in such a beautiful and ‘woke’ way is a rarity, not least when it appears to be so innate and effortless. The MOD tasked Rawdah with adding her stylistic flair to some of this season’s freshest pieces for Ramadan (and beyond). Here’s what she had to say…

Dress by Osman. Trousers, boots and hijab Rawdah’s own.

This printed Osman dress was so much fun to wear, the colour and the way the silhouette floats is amazing. For me, I found the dress a little too short to wear on its own, so I added some wide-legged pants to add modesty and also enhance the shape. I love this look for a dinner out with friends and I think it’s such a key piece because of its style and colour.”

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Dress by Osman, hijab Rawdah’s own.

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I felt so elegant and very ready for Ramadan in this.

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Kaftan and kimono set by Bambah. Belt by Delpozo. Hijab Rawdah’s own.

“This Bambah two-piece kaftan dress and kimono is so elegant and so wearable. I felt very ready for Ramadan in this, and being a set of two pieces, it required really no styling at all. I paired this oversized flower belt from Delpozo just to kick it up a notch, but alone it’s still a true winner for Ramadan. I’d love to wear this to an Iftar, those tinsel threads are just the right amount of glimmer for this period of time.”

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“I felt like the coolest chick on the block in this Johanna Ortiz dress. I really love the oversize fit of it, the knot detail and the wearable colour. It all goes so perfectly together. Typically, this isn’t a modest piece, so a simple white button-down shirt underneath adds that. Now, I would wear this look anywhere, it’s so easy for the day and styled up for the evening.”

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Dress by Joanna Ortiz. Jeans, boots and hijab, Rawdah’s own.

Kaftan by Taller Marmo. Hijab Rawdah’s own.

“For Eid I’ll definitely be calling on this yellow dress from Taller Marmo. It’s so feminine, especially because of the floaty, wide sleeves – and paired with a yellow hijab, it creates the perfect colour-blocked look for this season. The belt added a nice detail to break up the colour and it really doesn’t need any more styling than this.”

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Kaftan by Taller Marmo. Hijab Rawdah’s own.

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“There’s not much more I can say about this Huishan Zhang look other than it made me feel so effortlessly beautiful and it checks all the boxes when it comes to modesty.”

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Kaftan by Huishan Zhang, Hijab Rawdah’s own.

Kaftan by Bouguessa. Jewellery, bag and hijab Rawdah’s own.

“I have one word for this Bouguessa dress: ‘Wow’. It truly made me feel like a boss. Like the kind of woman you wouldn’t want to mess with. It’s understated, sophisticated and yet still head-turning. I’d wear this dress to a place I know my haters would be because it’s the kind of dress that does all the talking for you. Silence them all.”

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Kaftan by Bouguessa. Jewellery, bag and hijab Rawdah’s own.

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