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Why the Duchess of Sussex’s modest clothing choices made all the difference in Morocco

Words Amanda Randone • Artwork Nour Algharabally

Modesty and respect informed Meghan’s Dior, Carolina Hererra and Valentino wardrobe selections. Images: REX.

Meghan Markle can barely blink without attracting the frenzied gaze of the public eye. With her ability to catapult even the smallest brand into international relevancy while the world dissects her every move, Meghan’s newly minted title comes with remarkable sartorial power. So when the Duchess embarks on a royal tour, wardrobe decisions matter—especially when the destination is a conservative country like Morocco.

The three-day itinerary of Meghan’s latest trip was a marathon of well-informed outfit changes that aligned with the country’s more modest practices. From the moment she stepped off the plane in a vibrant Valentino dress in the brand’s signature red hue, Meghan demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation of local customs. The dress fell just below the knee, featuring an embellished, structured cape that wrapped around her elbows to form a subtle yet feminine silhouette. Its striking hue was also an homage to the red of Morocco’s flag, which symbolises strength and bravery—traits not only represented in the mother-to-be’s choice of attire but in her commitment to lending her global platform to various causes, even as the due date draws near.

Modest Elegance

A vision Valentino, the Duchess continued to observe protocol with each subsequent hemline and sleeve length. Eveningwear highlights included a dazzling kaftan-silhouetted Dior gown—a nod to the country’s heritage—and a loose-fitting Carolina Herrera dress that delicately swept the floor as Meghan made her way through the king’s residence. For daytime appearances, she opted for oversized blazers, pleated details, and accent jewellery to make a statement without being revealing. As Morocco becomes an increasingly popular tourist spot, this sets an example for how foreigners can cover up without compromising style. More importantly, by adhering to Morocco’s cultural dress code, Meghan’s wardrobe didn’t risk distracting from the ultimate purpose of her trip, allowing for the organizations supporting women’s education to take centre stage.

The Duchess impresses in Valentino red. Image: REX. 

Meghan’s wardrobe didn’t risk distracting from the ultimate purpose of her trip

Choosing elegant Dior for an evening appearance. Image: REX.

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